We deliver gourmet soup to homes and businesses in St. John's, Newfoundland. Our licensed kitchen is located in Flatrock. [Contact us here.]

We use fresh ingredients when possible and buy from local farmers if available. (This is easiest to do in the late summer, fall and early winter.) We don't use preservatives. Our soup goes straight from the pot to your door.

Each soup is a unique creation. We make limited amounts.

Our menu changes frequently and features one, two or three choices of soup. Thereís usually a vegetarian option and sometimes we'll include a stew, curry, tagine or chili.

Our service is for everyone who loves soup. Have it delivered to your office Ė store in the fridge for a quick lunch. Have it delivered to your home Ė share it for dinner or keep it all for yourself.

To reduce packaging your soup will arrive in one-litre reusable jars. There is no charge for jars. Exchange your empty jar(s) with our delivery driver.

Our soup costs approximately $13 to $18 per litre depending on the ingredients. (Delivery included.) This is good value for the ingredients we use. One litre is enough for three small servings or two large. Soup arrives cold. Refrigerate right away. Eat or freeze within three days. (If you plan to freeze please remove soup from the glass jar as it will break.)

Our delivery zone includes these areas of St. John's:
1. The East End
2. University and surrounding neighbourhoods
3. Downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods
4. Kenmount Road Area(East)
5. Flatrock

We wish we could deliver to everyone. Unfortunately itís not possible at this time.

Some areas we DON'T deliver to include: The West End of St. Johnís, Cowan Heights, Kilbride, CBS, Mount Pearl, Pouch Cove, Middle Cove/Outer Cove and Portugal Cove. Please email us with your address if you're unsure.

For orders of 5 litres or more we may be able to arrange delivery outside this zone depending on our schedule.

For delivery details see our order page.

We also offer a PICK-UP option: Delivery isn't convenient or you live outside our delivery area? You can select the pick-up option when you order. Our pickup location is at FOOD FOR THOUGHT. 84 Gower Street.

Have a friend/relative who isnít feeling well or needs cheering up? Send soup instead of flowers. You could also do something nice for your grandmother.

Red House Soups is owned & operated by Carolyn Norberg.