New POP-UP System: (How to Order):

1. New menu is sent to customers (emailed, posted on website & facebook). Could happen any day of the week.

2. Soup will be delivered within a day or two of the posting. (Delivery date and time will be included in the posting.)

3. Place your order by filling out our online form. Limited amounts available.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to specify the exact time of delivery. Note any special delivery instructions on your order form. Please have a cooler ready for your soup if you can’t be there for delivery. We accept cash/cheque at the time of delivery or can send you a PayPal invoice to pay with a credit card online. If you can’t be there for the delivery contact us to make alternate payment arrangements.

**We’ll also be selling soup at Food for Thought on some weekends. We’ll let you know when we’ll be there. There is some pre-ordering for this. Soup will also be sold on a first come bases.