The Moroccan Beef Stew is fantastic! I am so pleased this service and delicious soups are available.
--Christine Y, St.John's, NL

I have never tasted a chowder even half as good as yours!!! "
--J.Warren, St.John's, NL

Vraiment delicieux!
--V.Weiland, Flatrock, NL

When I licked the cold soup spoon before I put it in the pot I knew I had to have more!!
--Maria, St.John's, NL

Your soup could turn into an addiction!
--C. Walker, St.John's, NL

Yummy. That is all there is to say.
--P. Whittle, St.John's, NL

The hot & sour soup was fantastic. Hot, sour & delicious!
--S. Cave, St.John's, NL

My son wanted to ask for your Moroccan soup recipe! He LOVED it. He does not love food. He ate two bowls his first time and eventually ate the entire thing! I was lucky to get a taste!
--T. Holden, Mount Pearl, NL

Apricot lentil puree. I swear I could taste the love put in it!
--J. Carroll, Flatrock, NL

The lamb tagine was out of this world! Quite possibly the best thing I've ever eaten.
--S. Moody, Mount Pearl, NL

I absolutely loved the red potato! You're making my life easier by helping me with lunches. How nice is that!
--S. Samson, St.John's, NL

This is beautiful soup.
--L. Stockwood, Topsail, NL

Carolyn's gourmet soups are second to none. I appreciate her commitment to using fresh local ingredients whenever possible.
--D. Penney, St.John's, NL

Lip smacking good.
--B. Barrell, Flatrock, NL

Wholesome and good for the soul! I want to try them all. I love the taste, the different textures and having a healthy meal in one serving. Best of all, I love not having to cook!
--C. Phillips, Flatrock, NL